About Me

My name is Betsy. I was born and raised in the small Los Angeles suburb where I still live. Nineteen years ago, I met a very cute boy in the youth group at church and told everyone with ears that I was going to marry him. Fourteen years later, I did. Our happily ever after now includes a dog and two kiddos: Bug and Babygirl.

I suffer from what my husband calls “Analysis Paralysis,” making it nearly impossible to package myself in a clear, concise, “About Me,” so I will tell you this instead:

I am a writer; a reader; a lover of Miller Lite, Agatha Christie, and Jesus. I act in commercials and run a theatre company. I am sister, a daughter, a friend, and a wife. But of all the hats I wear, motherhood is the one that fits the best. It is the most intuitive thing I’ve ever done, yet still manages to feel like an unsolvable puzzle. It is my greatest passion and, easily, the most important thing I’ll ever do. So no pressure at all that I’m just learning it as I go…


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